Kiwi dad fined for drink driving in Perth after eating too many rum-and-raisin balls

A Kiwi father lost his licence and was fined for drink driving after eating one too many rum-and-raisin balls.

Tommy Keefe, a Kiwi living in Western Australia, was driving back from a friend's birthday party when he got pulled over by police.

He returned a positive reading of 0.038, higher than the legal limit of a provisional plate driver.

The father of six lost his licence for three months and has been fined $200 over the incident which took place on August 29.

According to the road safety commission, provisional platers cannot drive with a blood alcohol reading higher than 0.02.

But Keefe said he had no idea the sweet treats were alcoholic.

"I wasn't drinking because I had my kids, so I munched on them," Keefe told 7News reporters outside court.

"The thing was, apparently the raisins were soaked in the sh**. 

"They were that nice, man."

The 48-year-old was still eating rum balls in the car when he got pulled over by police.

"I'm cruising up to them and I'm eating the f**king things, which is making it even worse," he told 7News.

Keefe has never been charged with an alcohol-related offence before and said it was an honest mistake.

His advice to others thinking about getting stuck into rum-and-raisin balls before driving: "Yeah don't do it."

"Just don't eat it."