Opinion: Whoever wins the US Election has huge job ahead to fix wounded US

OPINION: In the battle to be boss America is locked in an old fashioned arm wrestle so tight, so gripping, there's no time for hang-overs - not yet, that will come - but this was and still is the public fireworks display no one could resist or turn away from.

No one was claiming victory but there were other claims alright - electoral fraud - boxes of mail-in votes dumped somewhere - who knows what Trump is on about -  see you in court he said  - wah wah blah blah.

Truth is Trump has put up an astonishing fight. The polls never picked this up -is there a single pollster left with any credibility in America? I doubt it.

Trump has run Biden right to the wire and Biden has proved popular but it's been no cakewalk for Sleepy Joe. 

So where do we stand?  

The winner will need 270 electoral votes to be President - you get electoral votes by winning states.

As it stands right now Biden is projected to win 227 and Trump 213.

So who has the clearest path to 270? Well following overnight developments, Joe Biden is ahead by a speckle on the end of his nose.

But Trump is sitting on his tail -  too close to call is the safe option although Biden has the momentum.  

If Biden wins Nevada, Arizona, Wisconsin, and Michigan - states where he's currently ahead - then he's set to be President.

Trump has a big lead in Pennsylvania but alone that state would not be enough.

Biden is going to address the nation and the world today. Forty-seven years as a politician - he's had every job twice and vice president to Obama -  now he's writing the very words that his voters are desperate to hear. 

They want their country back.

But you simply can't ignore the Trump support base -  it's huge and very obvious that America is deeply, deeply divided.

Half the country will be ecstatic and the other half will be bitterly disappointed and whatever Trump says, whatever signals and messages he sends his supporters may well be channelled out on the streets.

Both men must choose every word wisely from here on in.

So if it's Biden how does he become a President for all of America? How does he reach out to Trump's people?

 How do you accommodate them?

Because freezing them out for four years would be disastrous.

Whoever wins has a massive PR job ahead of them trying to mend a country that is wounded and deeply divided.

Duncan Garner is a host of The AM Show.