US Election: Joe Biden's dog makes history as first rescue pooch in the White House

Biden and rescue dog, Major.
Biden and rescue dog, Major. Photo credit: Delaware Humane Association / Facebook

Vice President-elect Kamala Harris has made history as the first woman, and first woman of colour, on a winning presidential ticket - and come January 2021, Joe Biden's adorable dog Major will become the first rescue dog to grace the halls of the White House.

The Bidens will relocate from their residence in Wilmington, Delaware to the president's official workplace following his inauguration on January 20 - along with their two German shepherds, Champ and Major.

The last four years under the Trump administration marked the first time in American history that a president did not have dogs in the White House.

Champ has been with the family since 2008, while Major was adopted from the Delaware Humane Association in 2018.

A Facebook post commemorating Major's adoption thanked the former Vice President for making the adoption official after fostering the German shepherd. 

"The Bidens have gotten to know Major while fostering him and are now ready to make the adoption official. Best of luck and thank you for being one of our Friends for life!" said the post.

The Bidens appear to share a close relationship with their furry friends, with Dr Jill Biden - the President-elect's wife of 43 years - sharing a picture of her, Major and Champ to Twitter in recognition of National Dog Day.

"Build Bark Better," she quipped, referencing the title of her husband's Jobs and Economic Recovery Plan for Working Families.

Social media users have been quick to celebrate the impending return of four-legged friends to the President's official residence, with one noting: "I didn't vote for Biden. I voted for Biden's dog."

Former President Barack Obama and First Lady Michelle Obama owned two Portuguese water dogs, Bo and Sunny.

The Trump family had no pets, possibly due to the outgoing President's reported dislike for dogs.

In her 2017 memoir Raising Trump, the business magnate's first wife Ivana claimed "Donald was not a dog fan".

In a post ahead of Election Day, Biden shared a compilation of pooches - touting Biden campaign accessories - with the caption: "These dogs are here for some paw-sitive encouragement as we get closer to election day. Let's bring dogs back to the White House."