Donald Trump has right to 'exhaust all legal challenges' on election results, outgoing US Ambassador Scott Brown says

The outgoing US Ambassador to New Zealand and Samoa is confident Donald Trump will be humble when he hands over the presidency to Joe Biden.

Biden's inauguration is set for January 20 next year but outgoing President Trump has continued to attack the vote-counting process from last month's election and making baseless claims of fraud.

But Ambassador Scott Brown, who is returning to the US later this month, told The AM Show on Monday Trump has every right to double-check the results first.

"When you lose it stinks but, more importantly, you want to make sure if you lose - that you've exhausted all of your legal challenges."

Brown, however, is confident there will be an orderly transition of power on January 20.

"There's nothing right now that bothers me in terms of what's happening - that's all absolutely required and necessary and if he [Trump] wants to continue to file those legal challenges, great," he said. "There's a process and it's working."

He said he believes Trump will show humility when he eventually leaves office.

And asked if he might go for the top job himself in the future, Brown wouldn't rule it out.

"I don't know what's going to happen - I don't know - do I want to be a problem-solver? Of course.

Scott Brown.
Scott Brown. Photo credit: The AM Show

"Will that ever happen? I don't know, it's just so far removed I'm not even going to deal with it."

He even reassured The AM Show's hosts he would appear for an interview should he ever become President.

"That's really hypothetical - yes, it's going to be one of my first visits," he joked.

Brown will take up a new role at a law school when he returns to the US.