Donald Trump to be 'one of the worst' presidents in history, say 42 percent of Americans

Donald Trump.
Donald Trump. Photo credit: Reuters

A whopping 42 percent of Americans believe Donald Trump will go down as "one of the worst" presidents of all time.

A Fox News poll released on Friday (local time) shows mixed results for the outgoing President's overall performance during his four years in office.

Poll participants were asked how they think history will judge Trump's presidency, with 42 percent saying he'll be remembered as "one of the worst", 8 percent believing "below average", 10 percent thinking "average", 16 percent saying "above average", and 22 percent believing he'll be seen as "one of the greatest".

Comparatively with a Fox News 2016 poll, 31 percent believed he'd be judged as "one of the worst" and 11 percent thought he'd be "one of the greatest".

Responders in the same poll this week were also asked if they thought the United States was better off now than it was four years ago, with 55 percent saying it is worse. Just 32 percent think the country is better off after Trump's presidency and 11 percent believe it is the same.

Donald Trump to be 'one of the worst' presidents in history, say 42 percent of Americans
Photo credit: Reuters

His approval rating has risen over time, according to Fox's poll, and he's currently sitting on 47 percent approval. His lowest rating, as conducted by the network, was 38 percent in October 2017 and his highest was 49 percent in April 2020.

However, his 52 percent approval rating on the economy was the highest he received. 

His rating on how Americans believe he's handling the coronavirus pandemic is slightly lower - 44 percent. So far, COVID-19 has killed nearly 300,000 people and infected 16 million in the United States.

Trump is due to leave office in just over one month's time after President-elect Joe Biden won the election in November.

He had hoped to overturn the results after Texas issued a lawsuit seeking to throw out voting outcomes in four states, but the Supreme Court declined to take the case.

An upcoming meeting by the US Electoral College on Monday is set to make Biden's victory official.