Nostradamus predicts 'zombie apocalypse', famine for 2021

Nostradamus. Photo credit: Getty

A French philosopher who seemingly predicted events such as the assassination of John F Kennedy and Adolf Hitler's rise to power issued an ominous warning to the world for 2021.

Nostradamus, a 16th-century astrologer who wrote poems called "quatrains", said the world could expect a zombie apocalypse in 2021, believing that "sad concepts will come to harm each one".

And that's not the only thing that will happen next year, he warned, predicting other events such as widespread famine, solar storms, and comets hitting Earth.

"Fathers and mothers dead of infinite sorrows," he wrote. "Temporal dignified, the mass to succeed." 

He also warned there will be "great calamity through the lands of the west" - something astrologers believe refers to a large earthquake.

"The fire in the ship, plague, and captivity; Mercury in Sagittarius, Saturn fading," he explained.

Earlier this year, posts on social media claimed Nostradamus predicted the coronavirus pandemic but that was proven false. 

New York University history professor Stephane Gerson told Reuters Nostradamus' lasting appeal relies on the fact that his "arcane predictions could mean anything".

According to Gerson, past experts linked Nostradamus' success to "the "sheer number of quatrains and the Prophecies' dearth of categorical statements and references to specific times and places".

"There is nothing surprising about the reemergence of such false Nostradamian prophecies in the wake of a disaster.

"The same thing has happened for over 400 years; invented or altered predictions, endowed with the aura of Nostradamus, surface, again and again, part of an economy of forgery, mass media circulation, and yearnings for order and design each time an unforeseen event threatens our material well-being and our conceptual frameworks."

Reuters / Newshub.