Biden inauguration: Duncan Garner - Memo to the world - sanity has prevailed

OPINION: Joe Biden has officially become the 46th President of the United States - third time lucky after America said 'no, Joe' in 1988 and 2008. 

The ceremony saw 200,000 people replaced by flags, the only empty chair reserved for Donald Trump - who had thrown a wobbly and sulked off to Florida. 

He couldn't face being on stage as a loser, but more than that, he failed to be gracious. 

Truth is, America has been through the washer, and not just what happened on January 6. 

That was more than obscene, that was a crime scene - and today, the scene at Capitol Hill was more celebratory, more peaceful. 

America stopped to collectively breathe a sigh of relief, the morning after the worst ever night before did not collapse into chaos. 

Chaos was January 6 and the storming of Capitol Hill. 

But this morning, America puffed out its chest and peace prevailed alongside Biden this morning.

Biden won. Trump lost. And Democracy trumped all, in the end - despite the noise, lies, tantrums and violence from the deluded and desperate. 

So will Trump lead a revolution from the golf course and spa in Florida? I doubt it. 

The attraction surely was his platform, which was being in power. 

Like a big balloon that's gone pop, his supporters will probably walk away. He is no use to them now.

Sure, Trump got close, but seven million votes behind Biden is not a victory. It's only a victory if you accept lies as the truth. Words matter. 

What you say in high office matters - treating such enormous power with a blatant disregard for your country and the safety of your fellow citizens is an unacceptable disgrace. 

And it's so dangerous. 

But Biden won the popular vote and the college vote. 

He now runs a country divided. 

He has a herculean task ahead, but no one can say he doesn't deserve it. 

Memo to the world - sanity has prevailed.

Duncan Garner is the host of The AM Show.