Capitol Hill: Florida teacher fired for telling students Antifa stormed US capitol, not MAGA supporters

A Florida teacher who told students that people from the radical left-wing Antifa movement were responsible for the US capitol riots has been fired. 

The substitute teacher at Bok Academy was caught on camera ranting to her middle school language arts class about the Capitol riots earlier this week. 

In the video, she claims without evidence that three members from the Antifa group were paid to storm the Capitol building and were behind the violence that saw five people die during the events. 

"Their [Trump supporters] peaceful demonstrations were fine until a bunch of Antifa members showed up and started violence," she falsely claims.

"They were paid to be there, they were paid to be violent." 

The teacher is citing information from a Washington Times story that has since been retracted.

The US capitol was stormed by Trump supporters on January 6 while Congress was attempting to count and certify the election victory of Democrat Joe Biden, the FBI has confirmed there is no evidence Antifa activists were involved in the riots. 

During the video the student recording the spiel interjects, telling the teacher the rioters wore MAGA hats and other Trump merch, to which the teacher impassionately responded saying: "When they are paid to be there and cause a riot they wanna make it look like Trump supporters so they wear Trump hats and carry Trump flags." 

She even claimed Trump supporters were the ones trying to stop the left-wing group from storming the building. 

As a student asks to leave the classroom, the teacher's voice only amplifies, asking the class to show her evidence of violence or gun use from Trump supporters. 

Principal of Bok Academy Dr Damien Moses confirmed to TMZ the teacher has been fired not only from the school but from the entire school district. 

"We have spoken with the students twice, and plan on speaking with them again. We had a conversation about the situation, and just relayed that we do not discuss politics on our campus."