Donald Trump plans 'wild' protest rally the same day Congress will meet to certify Biden's election win

A pro-Trump rally in early December led to four stabbings and 33 arrests.
A pro-Trump rally in early December led to four stabbings and 33 arrests. Photo credit: Reuters

Donald Trump has announced a "BIG Protest Rally" will take place in Washington DC, the same day Congress will certify his rival Joe Biden's victory.

The current US President's term will end on January 21 (NZ time) - but he has not yet conceded.

Trump announced the rally in a tweet just before 9am on Saturday.

The rally is set to commence at 5am on January 7 (NZ time) in Washington DC, where supporters will protest to pressure Republican lawmakers into overturning Biden's win.

"JANUARY SIXTH, SEE YOU IN DC!" he tweeted Wednesday.

Supporters can RSVP to the 'March to Save America' rally on the website, where Democrats are accused of "scheming to disenfranchise and nullify Republican votes".

There has been no evidence of the claims, and almost every legal challenge the Trump campaign has made to date has been dismissed in court.

"It's up to the American people to stop it. Along with President Trump, we will do whatever it takes to ensure the integrity of this election for the good of the nation," the website says.

"Be there, will be wild!" Trump said in a tweet.

In early December, a Washington DC pro-Trump rally led to four stabbings and 33 arrests - authorities are prepping with measures similar to those ahead of that rally, Forbes reported.

Knife fights, shouting matches and verbal harassment of the opposition surfaced in the demonstrations following Biden's election win in November.

While Trump hasn't yet provided details about a specific location, the National Park Service has received three permit applications to protest the election results on Thursday, with 15,000 attendees expected, USA Today reported.

Pro-Trump group Women for America First, who helped organise the November's Million MAGA March that ended in chaos, requested a permit from the National Park Service.