Donald Trump's second impeachment: How Americans and politicians are reacting

Politicians have urged the Senate to convict Donald Trump after he became the first US President to be impeached twice in a historic vote.

The vote in the Democratic-controlled House on Thursday (NZ time) was 232-197 following a deadly assault on American democracy in the storming of the US Capitol last week, with 10 Republicans joining the Democrats in backing the impeachment of the President in his waning days in power.

Here are reactions from the US and around the world.

US Senator Elizabeth Warren

"Donald Trump just made history as the only US President to be impeached twice," she said on Twitter.

"For the sake of our democracy, let's make history again by making him the first President to be convicted by the Senate."

US Senate Democratic leader Chuck Schumer

"Donald Trump has deservedly become the first President in American history to bear the stain of impeachment twice over.

"The Senate is required to act and will proceed with his trial and hold a vote on his conviction."

US Senator Marsha Blackburn

Blackburn, of Tennessee, said on Twitter: "To persist with impeachment now, with just days to go in the current administration, will further divide Americans and exacerbate tensions."

US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo

"No Administration has done more to bring lasting peace to the Middle East than that of President Trump."

US Senator Tammy Baldwin

"Trump is a danger to our democracy," she posted on Twitter. "The Senate needs to take action on his impeachable offenses and hold him accountable for inciting a violent insurrection against the will of the American people and Congress as we were working to carry out our constitutional duties."

Virginia Governor Jennifer Foy

Foy called Trump's presidency "dangerous" and said "state capitols are now bracing for more violence.

"Good for the House for voting to impeach Trump. We're in danger every hour that he is still in office."

Oakland Mayor Libby Schaaf

Schaaf condemned Trump as a threat to democracy and called for the Senate to remove him.

"The House has spoken," she said on Twitter. "This is a major step towards healing our country. 

"I urge the Senate to follow their lead and remove + ban Trump from office immediately.

"Every day he remains in office is a threat to the vitality of our democracy and the safety of the American people."

CNN senior Congress correspondent Manu Raju

New York Congressman Jamaal Bowman

"Donald Trump ordered a violent insurrection on our Capitol," he wrote on Twitter. 

"Of course he deserved to be impeached."

US Senator Ron Wyden

"Donald Trump is a clear danger to our country and our democracy.

"Mitch McConnell must bring the articles of impeachment to the Senate floor as soon as possible for a final verdict.

"There cannot be unity without accountability."

US Senator Richard Blumenthal

Blumenthal, of Connecticut, on Twitter, described how he believed Trump had threatened American lives.

"President Trump instigated & inflamed a violent attack on the United States Capitol.

"Allowing this kind of conduct to go unchecked would be ruinous for our democracy.

"As a direct result of President Trump’s actions, at least five people are dead, including two Capitol police officers."

US Senator Sheldon Whitehouse

Whitehouse, of Rhode Island, on Twitter, expressed his belief that Trump must be removed from office.

"The House has spoken. President Trump incited an angry mob, including trained and armed militia members, to storm our citadel of democracy.

"For that, he must go."

US television presenter Maria Shriver

The NBC presenter called the impeachment "a part of our country's history and the legacy of Donald Trump".

"Let's pause a moment and realise that we are watching history be made."


Reform UK leader Nigel Farage, who played a major part in delivering the 2016 referendum in which Britain voted to leave the EU, said on Twitter: "The Democrats are making a serious error here." Farage said the impeachment would only lead to more division.


"Wow, he is now eligible for #Guinnes World Record Book! I hope, though, his record won’t be banned as is his Twitter account," Russia's deputy UN Ambassador Dmitry Polyanskiy posted on Twitter.

Tomi T Ahonen 

Author Tomi T Ahonen said Trump's Presidency was the worst in history. 


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