Foreigners in Bali forced to do push-ups after violating COVID-19 rules

Those who break COVID-19 rules will face a fine of IDR100,000 (NZ$10).
Those who break COVID-19 rules will face a fine of IDR100,000 (NZ$10). Photo credit: Facebook / David McDuff

Foreigners who refused to follow Bali's COVID-19 protocols have been forced to do a rather unusual task as a punishment.

A video posted on ABC news shows Bali police in the Badung region ordering foreigners to do push-ups after being caught without a mask.

"Yes, 30 pushups," a member of the Badung Public Order agency said in the video.

"I have an injury, I can't do exercise," one man replied.

"You must," the officer said, pointing at him.

Bali Regional Secretary Dewa Made Indra urged foreign nationals to follow health protocols - such as wearing masks and avoiding crowds - in a letter on January 8.

Those who break public health protocols are forced to face a fine of IDR100,000 (NZ$10).

But it doesn't seem like they've paid any attention.

Last Monday, a group of foreigners in the Petitenget area faced an argument with police when they refused to leave a restaurant after the curfew.

Footage posted on Instagram shows foreign tourists insisting they weren't done with their meals.

"We told them it was 9pm and the restaurant had to close," Chief of Badung's Public Order Agency Gusti Agung Ketut Suryanegara told local news source Coconuts Bali.

"There was no way around it. If they wanted to keep eating, they would have to pack up the food and take it home," he said.

Suryanegara said that 80 percent of people who have violated COVID-19 rules had been foreign nationals.

"Out of 150 violators since we started enforcement in September 2020, 80 percent of violators had been foreign nationals," he told Coconuts Bali.

Suryanegara added the mask rule violators appeared to be belittling health protocols because they can afford to pay the fine.

Social media users were furious after the photos were posted online.

"It makes me so angry when I read things like this, selfish scumbags!" One user commented.

"Meanwhile, the rest of us have to wait to go back because of these inconsiderate a**holes!"