Have your say: Do you think Joe Biden becoming US President is good for New Zealand?

  • 23/01/2021
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Within hours of becoming the US President, Joe Biden had signed his nation back up to the Paris Climate Agreement and stopped its withdrawal from the World Health Organization.

World leaders were ecstatic that the US appeared to be returning to being a constructive partner in the international community after the tumultuous 'America First' Trump presidency. 

"We have a common investment in the international rules-based order and I welcome President Biden's intentions for the US to re-join the Paris Agreement and halt its withdrawal from the World Health Organization," Kiwi Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern said after Biden's inauguration.

Former New Zealand Ambassador to the United States Tim Groser said trying to get anything done with the Trump administration was like "talking to a brick wall", but expects "real engagement" from the new President and his team.

However University of Waikato Professor of Law Alexander Gillespie cautions that Biden is still unlikely to advance a long-desired free trade agreement (FTA) with the US despite being New Zealand's third-largest trading partner.

Do you think Joe Biden becoming US President is good for New Zealand?

Disclaimer: This straw poll is not scientific and closes after 24 hours.

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