'Intense pain': Queensland teenager recounts harrowing experience after being stung by box jellyfish

  • 29/01/2021
Queensland teenager recalls being stung by a jellyfish.
Queensland teenager recalls being stung by a jellyfish. Photo credit: Niwa

A Queensland girl stung by a box jellyfish still feels pain ten months later.

Cadence Molony, 14, was stung while tubing with friends and family in waters at Eimeo last April.

The teenager likened the pain to having boiling oil tipped on her.

"I was in intense pain," Molony told 7News.

"I started punching the water, thinking it was a shark, I was trying to get away," said Molony.

Molony swam back to the boat with metre-long tentacles still attached to her.

Friends and family pulled bits of jellyfish off her to ease her pain with some went door-knocking around the local area for vinegar, which is known to alleviate the pain of jellyfish stings.

They used 21 bottles to ease the teenager's pain.

"The welts were just everywhere. It looked like she’d been whipped," family friend, Andrew Zambelli told 7News.

Molony was hospitalised for two days and wore burn patches for two weeks.

Ten months later, still has visible scars on her arms and legs. 

She said she feels a burning sensation in her arms and legs in the shower and has nerve damage in one of her knees.

Zambelli said the experience was a wake-up to them.

"Our kids swim here all the time," Zambelli said.

Molony wants people to take precautions to prevent getting stung.