Ivanka Trump taking a 'clean break' from Donald Trump's presidency - associates

Donald Trump's eldest daughter, Ivanka.
Donald Trump's eldest daughter, Ivanka. Photo credit: Getty

Donald Trump's eldest daughter Ivanka and her husband are planning a much-needed vacation following Trump's election loss which forced him out of the White House on Wednesday.

Cooling off at their luxury oceanfront apartment in Miami, Ivanka and her husband Jared Kushner are "looking forward to having a clean break", a close associate told Vanity Fair on Wednesday (local time).

"They haven't yet gone into what comes next and their government work is done. It is a moment in their lives to focus exclusively on family and just relax," the source said.

Ivanka, 39, who worked as a senior advisor to Trump, said she was "proud" of what she accomplished during Trump's presidency.

"It has been an honour of a lifetime to serve our nation as an advisor to the President," she posted on Instagram on Wednesday.

"I am so proud of what we have accomplished and excited for the future. I came to Washington to fight for American families and I leave feeling I've done that.

"I hope and believe that America can move forward in a positive way, acknowledge our differences and find common ground - that is how we will remain the greatest nation."

A White House correspondent noted that Ivanka Trump was "in panic" mode for her political career in the future after her father decided to skip the inauguration of his successor, Joe Biden.

"That has Jared Kushner and Ivanka Trump in a bit of a panic as they look into their future," CNN White House correspondent Kate Bennett said.

"I talked to a lot of sources today who say they're questioning everything now, from where they're going to live after the White House to what their careers will be."