Melania Trump's ex-advisor lashes out calling her an 'abuser of the worst kind'

Melania Trump's Former advisor has lashed out at her for her silence on the Capitol riots, calling her an "abuser of the worst kind," and adding she is "ashamed" to have worked with her. 

Stephanie Winston Wolkoff became Melania's advisor in 2017 following a long time friendship between the pair, she left the role in February 2018 amid controversy over inauguration spending.

In an opinion piece for The Daily Beast, Wolkoff outlined what it was like to work with the US First Lady.

"I can't believe how blind I was to the depth of her deception and lack of common decency," she wrote. 

"Although my intentions to support the First Lady in the rollout of her initiatives were always pure, I’m disheartened and ashamed to have worked with Melania.

The article was written in response to the Capitol riots on Thursday where a mob of Trump supporters stormed the Capitol building, smashing windows, planting pipe bombs, and forcing their way through police. 

Four people died as a result of the events, in which Wolkof says the Trumps will have "little if any regard for." 

She said she wasn't shocked by the way Melania stayed silent throughout the Capitol storming: "I don't comprehend Melania's silence and inactions, but pathetically, they are both expected." 

The First Lady was reportedly conducting a photoshoot of rugs and other decorative items from around the White House as the chaos at the Capitol raged on. 

A CNN source claimed Melania has "checked out" with just over a week left in the job and isn't in the right place "mentally or emotionally" to get involved. 

Wolkfoff says her silence represents what's "wrong" with the US: "She got a pass in life because, in America, white, 'beautiful' women who are silent always have gotten a pass."

She says Melania's focus on "beautifully designed" parties, events, and rooms and her personality coming across to children as sweet and caring are all ideas reminiscent of the 1950s that don't involve using her position for good.

"Many still believe that Melania is powerless, but don’t be fooled; she is an abuser too, of the worst kind. The kind that speaks kindly to children. The sickness is under the skin. Melania knows and supports Donald and his viewpoints."

Adding that Melania only cared about being "the best no matter what the cost." 

Wolkoff also revealed a shocking hobby the first lady took up in her free time, according to The Daily Beast article, Melania enjoyed "albuming" where she would make up scrapbooks filled with photos of herself. 

Wolkoff has written a book detailing her experiences with the First Lady in which the White House has dismissed as "full of mistruths and paranoia." 

According to the Daily Mail, Melania claimed Wolkoff "hardly knew" her.

Democrats plan to introduce an article of impeachment against US President Donald Trump on Monday for inciting violence in the form of the Capitol riots.