Nurse giving COVID-19 vaccine to paramedic boyfriend surprised by marriage proposal

A video of the proposal has gone viral.
A video of the proposal has gone viral. Photo credit: Facebook/Sanford Health

A COVID-19 vaccine appointment has ended in a marriage proposal for two frontline healthcare workers in the US.

When South Dakota nurse Eric Vander-Lee gave a COVID-19 vaccine to his boyfriend of 5 years, he was shocked to find the paramedic had a surprise up his sleeve - literally.

When Robby Vargas-Cortes, 31, rolled-up his shirt so Lee could give the vaccine, Lee saw an engagement ring taped to his boyfriend's arm.

A video of the proposal has gone viral online.

"It's been kind of a crazy year, and you know it's been a fun ride to have you in my life," Vargas-Cortes told Lee in the video.

"He rolled up his sleeve and I saw the tape on his arm. I thought he was just making a joke about where I need put the needle," Vander-Lee told Metro Magazine.

"But then I saw the outline of the ring and it hit me.

"It means we can start a new chapter in our life. Even though we have a pandemic going on, this shows that love does not go away."

Vargas-Cortes says he planned the proposal a week in advance - the only person aware of the plan was the one co-worker who filmed it.

"I will cherish this moment for the rest of my life," Vander-Lee said.

The couple couldn't celebrate for long as Vargas-Cortes had to respond to a 911 call just 10 minutes after proposing.

Shortly after the proposal, Lee shared a picture of his engagement ring on Instagram, writing: "I am so happy and shocked! As we usher Covid into history, I am so excited for the future."

The couple plan to get married in 2022.