Pro-Donald Trump inauguration protests draw small crowds

Pro-Trump demonstrations across the US drew small crowds.
Pro-Trump demonstrations across the US drew small crowds. Photo credit: Twitter - @karenkasler / @morganfmckay

Several pro-Donald Trump protests around the United States have been described as "complete duds" with less than a handful of people turning up to each.

Demonstrations had been planned outside state Capitol buildings as President Joe Biden and vice President Kamala Harris were inaugurated on Thursday morning (NZ time).

However many protests had a smaller-than-expected turnout.

The San Francisco Chronicle reported there was one lone protester at the State Capitol in Sacramento wearing a MAGA (Make America Great Again) hat.

Kaley Johnson from Fort Worth Star-Telegram was outside the Texas Capitol building talking to the few protesters outside.

"Thomas Jones said he and friends drove from Crockett to protest the Inauguration," she tweeted.

"He expected more people to be here, but was banned from Facebook so didn’t know if anything was planned."

This comes after chaos in Washington DC on January 6 when protesters stormed the Capitol building while politicians were attempting to count and certify the electoral college votes.

The security and police stationed there couldn't keep the rioters out and they made it into the Senate chamber and into politicians offices, including that of House Speaker Nancy Pelosi.

In the lead up to the inauguration, the FBI had warned that similar "armed protests" were being planned by right-wing extremists, but Vox News reported that most protests turned out to be "complete duds".

"At many of them, the number of MAGA protesters could be counted on one hand," they reported.

Political reporter for Spectrum News Morgan Mckay said that there was "one lone Trump supporter" protesting in front of the New York State Capitol building. 

"He says he expected a few thousand [people] here and is disappointed. He said he drove 45 minutes for a peaceful protest."

The area had been expecting a bigger crowd with temporary fencing surrounding the building for the occasion.

The Ohio Statehouse also had plenty of security officers seen milling around outside with only a handful of protesters.

Journalist Hannah Ray Lambert tweeted that protests never materialised in Salem, Oregon, although there were a large police and media presence.

However, she reported a "sizable crowd" had gathered in Portland.

Similar eerily quiet scenes were also seen in Minnesota, North Carolina, Nevada and Kansas.