Tweets calling Anne Frank, holocaust victims 'colonisers' spark disgust from NZ Jewish representative

Tweets calling Anne Frank, holocaust victims 'colonisers' spark disgust from NZ Jewish representative
Photo credit: United States Holocaust Memorial Museum / Twitter / Getty

A spokesperson for the NZ Jewish Council says tweets calling Anne Frank a "coloniser" are "horrifying" and come from a malicious movement.

Wednesday marked International Holocaust Day, commemorating the end of the Holocaust which killed six million Jews under Nazi persecution.

Anne Frank, one of the most famous victims of the Holocaust and author of a diary read by millions around the world, died at a concentration camp at the age of 15. 

A video posted by BIPOC rights group Black Hammer calling out Anne Frank commemorations went viral on social media.

"I said I don't give a **** about Anne Frank and I meant it," commander-in-chief of Black Hammer Gazi Kodzo says in the video.

"Why would I care about a white Jewish girl, who has a museum, who we are forced to remember every year at schools."

"But I, and none of you can name a single African girl that died on the slave ships from Africa here. Why don't we know any of their names?"

Another tweet accused Frank and other white holocaust victims of having "a coloniser relationship with the global south".

The anti-holocaust victim tweets were shared and defended by Black Hammer international chief and self-described "revolutionary” Hee Jun Sah. The far-left activist makes YouTube videos in support of the North Korean regime calling it a "strong centralised government" standing up to the imperialists.

The group plans to build a city for people of colour in Florida called 'Hammer City'.

Juliet Moses, spokesperson for the NZ Jewish Council, told Newshub the tweets about Frank were horrifying.

"I cannot understand on what basis she could be said to be a 'coloniser'. What land exactly was she colonising, and for whom?

"This is a very malicious movement which is deliberately demonising a young girl who is not just a symbol of the Jewish people, of the horrors of the Holocuast, but also of the best of humanity and hope."