US couple welcome all-girl quintuplets via emergency C-section

  • 27/01/2021
Couple welcome all-girl quintuplets.
Couple welcome all-girl quintuplets. Photo credit: Getty Images.

By Asha Abdi.

A Texas couple who only wanted one more baby have welcomed all-girl quintuplets.

The five girls are the second recorded case of all-girl quintuplets in the US.

Heather Langley, 39, and her partner Pricilla Rodriguez, 35, who have been together for nine years, decided to have another child after they conceived their first daughter, Sawyer.

COVID-19 regulations in the US meant Rodriguez couldn't attend hospital appointments with her partner and missed the moments Langley discovered they were having quintuplets.

Langley said she broke the news to her partner via text.

"She was incredibly shocked. She didn't believe I was being serious at first because you rarely hear of people being pregnant with five babies," Langley told Caters News Agency.

"We weren't sure if it was going to take. But this was our first attempt, and it worked. We were so happy, we couldn't wait to be parents again."

Langley said she was panicking about how the couple would raise five babies and come up with four extra names. The couple named their rare quintuplets Hadley, Reagan, Zariah, Zylah, and Jocelyn.

"I immediately felt scared when we found out there was going to be five because I feared my pregnancy would be worrying and complicated," said Langley.

At only 28 weeks, Langley was prescribed medication to help mature the babies' brains because the doctors knew they would be premature.

The newborns were due in early November but the medication caused Langley to go into labour even earlier than was expected. The couple welcomed their quintuplets two days later via emergency c-section last August.

The first baby was discharged on October 31, 2020, and the last was welcomed home on December 2.