US Election: Family of woman killed in Capitol riot blame Donald Trump for her death

The family of one of the people who died in the US Capitol riots have blamed President Donald Trump for her death. 

Five died in Thursday's (NZ time) violence, which saw the US Capitol overrun with - in President-elect Joe Biden's words - "domestic terrorists" and "insurrectionists". 

Three rioters died of 'medical emergencies', one was shot and a police officer died the day after from injuries sustained trying to keep the mob under control. 

Washington DC police on Saturday confirmed one of the dead was Rosanne Boyland, 34. 

"She was a wonderful sister, daughter, and aunt," her brother-in-law Justin Cave said in a statement provided to local media.

"Anyone who knew her knows how compassionate she was, she always put others before herself."

As the protest outside the Capitol devolved into carnage, Cave said the family hoped Boyland wasn't amongst it.

"Tragically she was there and it cost her life."

Despite not just being allowed into the building without much resistance, but allowed to leave without arrest, many of those involved are now being hunted down by law enforcement authorities, who haven't ruled out charges as serious as sedition. 

Trump himself has been accused of stoking the violence, and lawmakers are rushing to get him impeached, convicted and removed from office in the coming hours - or have Vice President Mike Pence invoke the 25th amendment -  and take over the presidency. 

Cave thinks it's time for Trump to go.

"Rosanne was really passionate about her beliefs like a lot of people. I've never tried to be a political person but it's my own personal belief that the President's words incited a riot that killed four of his biggest fans last night and I believe that we should invoke the 25th amendment at this time."