Washington riots: Disturbing video shows police officer crushed against door as mob storms the Capitol

A disturbing video from the riot at the United States Capitol has surfaced that shows a police officer crushed between masses of pro-President Donald Trump supporters as they tried to storm the building.

The video, which was filmed on Wednesday (local time), shows a group of Washington DC police officers in riot gear trying to stop a large mob of people from getting into the Capitol building.

At some point, one officer gets stuck between a door and a group of people, and he screams "help" in between shouting in pain.

The condition of the officer in the video is unknown.

At least one person is seen trying to rip off the officer's protective mask while he's wedged and screaming in agony.

Jon Farina, who took the video, told CNN the clash between police and the rioters wouldn't stop.

"There was no talking to them," Farina said about the rioters. "They were going to get in there regardless of what was in their way.

"Nothing really fazed them. They just kept rotating in and out. They would say, 'We need fresh patriots'."

The video shows the rioters chanting "Heave, ho" while pushing further into the police officers and attempting to gain entry to the Capitol.

As the video continues, the officer is shown stuck in the same position, but he's now maskless and is yelling for help.

He was eventually able to free himself and he appears to indicate positively when asked if he was okay.

The storming of the Capitol resulted in the deaths of five people, including Capitol Police Officer Brian Sicknick, and dozens have been criminally charged in connection with the riot.