Washington riots: Passengers cheer as Trump supporters kicked off flight

Washington riots: Passengers cheer as Trump supporters kicked off flight
Photo credit: Twitter / AnonSkrongus

Video shows the moment passengers cheered as a group of Trump supporters were kicked off a flight in the United States after the Capitol Hill riot.

One video uploaded to Twitter says it shows "a group from the insurrection" leaving the plane. However, although one woman in the clip who identifies herself as Melody Marie Black was known to be at Capitol Hill, it is not clear this is the reason they were were being kicked off the flight.

Others have claimed it was because they were having a loud conversation about Trump on the plane.

Black claims in the video she's being asked to leave the Washington DC to Minneapolis flight "because they said I was loud".

"I don't have money to get home," she adds.

A man is heard saying "you're getting arrested now for freedom of speech, the police are outside" as she picks up her belongings and begins to leave the plane.

As the group of passengers walks down the aisle towards the exit, some onboard begin clapping while others say "get off the plane" and cheer as they leave.

Black was interviewed outside the Capitol Building either before or after it was stormed, where she said the rioters were there "to fight for our freedom".

"It is not their America. It is our America," she says.

Black was also interviewed by radio news outlet WCCO last year during demonstrations in Burnsville, Minnesota when President Donald Trump visited the state. She accused Minnesota congresswoman Ilhan Omar of being part of terrorist group Hamas and said Muslims are trying to take over the government. She also claimed Muslims were responsible for 9/11.

Black is one of many people facing backlash because they attended the Capitol riots.

One teenager publicly shamed her mother on Twitter for attending the siege, while one man is begging for forgiveness, saying he got "caught up in the moment".