Adolf Hitler's stolen toilet seat up for auction

Adolf Hitler's stolen toilet seat up for auction
Photo credit: Alexander Historical Auctions

A toilet seat stolen from one of Adolf Hitler's private bathrooms is set to sell at a US auction for thousands of dollars.

Alexander Historical Auctions from Chesapeake City, Maryland have listed the relic which is expected to go for between NZ$13,000 to $20,000 on Monday.

The auctioneers described the two-piece wooden toilet seat as: "one of the most eye-catching items one could ever add to a collection of World War II relics".

"This example was from Hitler's personal bathroom, from as close to a 'throne' as the dictator would ever get. One can scarcely imagine the plotting the tyrant undertook while contemplating the world from atop this perch!"

The online listing said the seat was removed from a bathroom in the Nazi leader's Berghof residence in Berchtesgaden, Bavaria by US soldier Ragnvald C Borc during the Second World War.

"When he arrived on the scene, the soldier was told 'Get what you want'. He made his way to Hitler's bedroom, taking a World War I armoured vest on display and two oil paintings. 

"He saw the toilet seat and removed it, being asked by another M.P. holding a chandelier: 'What are you doing with that toilet seat?' The young MP smartly replied: 'Where do you think Hitler put his ass?'"

The soldier shipped the seat home to his wife, the listing says, where it has remained "untouched" in the basement of the family's home.

A copy of the book 'Hitler's Mountain', which details the incident, is included in the auction along with two photos of the soldier at Berchtesgaden and an anti-Hitler newspaper clipping.