COVID-19: World media reacts to New Zealand's recent community cases

Some people called this decision "absolutely insane".
Some people called this decision "absolutely insane". Photo credit: Getty

Auckland has entered its third lockdown on Monday after three community cases were detected in the community on Sunday.

And while Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern says this is out of an abundance of caution, the rest of the world didn't seem too impressed.

Auckland is at alert level 3, which means residents must stay within their household bubble. Schools, shops and gyms are all closed and people are advised to work from home where possible.

The rest of the country is under alert level 2. Schools, shops and restaurants remain open but must not exceed gatherings of 100 people.

International media has called it a "significant setback" in our efforts to contain the virus. Others are saying our country is "absolutely insane" for locking down after three cases.

Here's what the headlines are saying.

'After just one family tested positive for COVID-19' - Fox News

US television channel Fox News appears to have belittled our number of community cases.

"New Zealand put its largest city into lockdown Sunday - after just one family tested positive for COVID-19," they wrote.

"Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern ordered a three-day lockdown for Auckland after a couple and their daughter tested positive in the nation widely hailed for virtually eliminating the spread of the contagion."

Fox News also added the lockdown has "forced a delay" in the America's Cup sailing regatta.

"New Zealand, with a population of 5 million, has reported a total of just over 2330 cases and 25 deaths since the pandemic started."

'Significant setback in the nation's largely successful efforts to control the virus' - AAP News

The Australian Associated Press (AAP) mentioned Ardern cancelling her plans to attend the Big Gay Out as well as the delay in the America's Cup sailing regatta.

"The lockdown is the first in New Zealand in six months and represents a significant setback in the nation's largely successful efforts to control the virus. It has also forced a delay in the America's Cup sailing regatta."

"Indeed, Ardern on Sunday had planned to attend the Big Gay Out, an Auckland festival that celebrates the rainbow community and attracts tens of thousands of people. She ended up canceling those plans and returning to Wellington to manage the outbreak."

'Hoping the short and sharp three-day restrictions arrest the spread of COVID-19' - The Guardian

"Aucklanders woke up on Monday to a new lockdown," The Guardian reported.

The UK news website has reiterated the uncertainty of whether the lockdown will be extended.

"It is not yet clear whether the lockdown will extend beyond midnight on Wednesday, as health authorities work to gain a full picture of the virus's spread" it wrote.

'Australia suspends its quarantine-free travel arrangement with New Zealand' - Sydney Morning Herald

"After initially saying there would be no change to the travel bubble, Australia's Chief Medical Officer Paul Kelly convened an urgent meeting late on Sunday," Sydney Morning Herald reported.

Kelly announced a 72-hour suspension of the New Zealand travel bubble from Monday, according to a statement from the Australia Department of Health.

People around the world voiced their concerns on Twitter.

One person responded to UK Labour's NEC Member Howard Beckett's tweet - which compared the cases and deaths between the UK and New Zealand.

Another person defended Ardern's decision to go back into lockdown.

But other people called the decision "absolutely insane".­­­

"NZ is absolutely insane. Countries don’t lock down and shut in for Ebola, but these sheep ( New Zealand joke intended) accept it for 3 cases of a virus with a 99.8 survival rate."

"Zero covid is a joke, good luck NZ when you open up, your economy will be devastated."

"Three day lockdown in NZ. What a joke."