Donald Trump 'not happy' with his impeachment lawyer, sources say

Trump is the first US president to be impeached twice.
Trump is the first US president to be impeached twice. Photo credit: Getty

Donald Trump is not happy with his impeachment lawyer's opening arguments during his trial on Tuesday (local time), sources tell CNN.

The former president has been charged with 'incitement of insurrection' over the January 6 Capitol riots and was facing his second trial on Tuesday.

He is the first US president to be impeached twice, and it is the first time an impeachment trial has been held against a former president.

Trump's defence team - lead by Bruce Castor - is being ridiculed for their opening statements, described as "confusing to a lot of people on the President's team".

Castor "rambled" throughout his opening speech and began praising the senators as "patriots".

He then went on to accuse the Democrats of being overly reactionary to the January 6 Capitol riots.

"Trump was not happy with that performance, he was borderline screaming over what was going on as he was talking to people about this," CNN chief White House correspondent Kaitlan Collins says.

"What the hell is going on?" an adviser to Trump's team reportedly said.

Republican Senator John Cornyn of Texas told reporters: "I thought the President's lawyer - the first lawyer - just rambled on and on and on and didn't really address the constitutional argument."

"I've seen a lot of lawyers and a lot of arguments and that was - it was not one of the finest I've seen," he added.

Here are some of the best lines from Castor's opening speech:

"To be quite frank with you - we changed what we were going to do on account that we thought the house manager's presentation was well done."

"We are generally social people, we enjoy being around one another."

"I worked in this building 40 years ago - I got lost then and I still do."

"I don't want to steal the thunder from the other lawyers but Nebraska - you're going to hear - is quite a judicial thinking place."