Footage shows Australian police officer appear to Taser himself

New footage has emerged of an Australian police officer appearing to Taser himself while his colleagues make an arrest.

Video from the incident was posted on Cop Humour Australia Facebook page on Thursday, where it has been viewed and shared hundreds of times.

It shows a group of officers, believed to be from New South Wales, holding and arresting a suspect while an officer holding a Taser appears to be injured.

He's seen clutching his groin in pain, which viewers have interpreted as where he fired his Taser.

"Just because you may not have ever tased (sic) yourself in the gonads doesn't mean someone else hasn't!" the video's caption said.

"Rough day at the office," one user commented.  

"Ouch, now that had to hurt, a lot," another said.

"Gives a whole new meaning to on the job training."

However some people have pointed out the Taser may have actually hit the officer's watch instead, which he is seen attempting to get off his wrist in the video.

A photo posted to the group shows the barbs coming out of a watch, which is allegedly the officer's.

New South Wales Police told they are yet to determine when and where the incident took place. However, it is not believed to be recent.

They said due to a lack of detail, they are unable to provide any further detail, including on the officer's condition.