Republican congressman appears upside down in video call

A US Republican congressman had the House of Representatives in stitches when he appeared with his face flipped upside down during a video call.

Minnesota representative Tom Emmer was speaking about job security during the House financial services committee when he was interrupted by chairwoman Maxine Waters.

"I'm sorry, Mr Emmer, are you okay?" she asked amid stifled laughter from those in the House.

"You're upside down Tom," another person interjected. 

"I don't know how to fix that," he replied. 

Other lawmakers immediately compared the incident with Texan lawyer Rod Ponton who was forced to clarify that he was not a cat during a virtual hearing after he accidentally tuned in with a filter on. 

"You're going viral!" one person exclaimed. 

The issue was quickly resolved and Emmer appeared right side up, to the sounds of cheering from those in attendance.

He later tweeted his own reference to Ponton's now-infamous cat video, retweeting a recording of his upside down appearance with the caption "I am not a cat".