Scott Morrison accuses Facebook of abusing its power during Christchurch terror attack

Australia's Prime Minister has accused Facebook of abusing its power during the Christchurch terror attack as the bitter dispute between the two continues. 

On Thursday Facebook wiped out pages from Australian state governments and charities as well as from domestic and international news organisations.

The dispute centres on a planned Australian law that would require Facebook and Google to reach commercial deals to pay news outlets whose links drive traffic to their platforms.

Scott Morrison says Facebook's actions against Australian media are "unfair".

"It's not fair to unfriend Australia - because Australians are very friendly and it's time to friend us again," he said on Friday.

He tried to make amends in a 30-minute phone call between Facebook's owner Mark Zuckerberg and Australia's treasurer -  and insisted progress was made 

But then called out Facebook for its sluggish attempts to clamp down on questionable content.

"You can get an ad to me on your platforms in about two seconds, you're telling me you can't identify violent and extremist material."

He was referring to Facebook's slow reaction to remove the 29-minute video of the Christchurch terror attack. 

"When we dealt with those horrific - those horrific scenes in Christchurch of that terrorist attack on that mosque, the first thing we did apart from counseling our Kiwi brothers and sisters was to say that can't happen!"

He appears unafraid of the social media giant then - or now. 

"This is Australia you want to do business here you play by our rules ."

But everyday Australians are caught in the crossfire.

Among the organisations now banned are South Australia and Tasmania's Government, the Queensland Health Department, the Bureau of Meteorology,  Fire and Rescue New South Wales.

Also banned are universities, hospitals and several domestic violence support pages. 

Health Minister Greg Hunt has blasted it as "an assault.

"This is an assault on a sovereign nation, an assault on people's freedom. Maybe it's time to put people over profit."

Fired up - this is one fight the world is watching closely. 

A battle of two powers that will have one winner - a Government  - or a 36-year-old social media CEO.