Shocking footage shows man pinned between truck and car in Australian road rage row

Shocking footage shows man pinned between truck and car in Australian road rage row
Photo credit: 9News.

An Australian man is recovering after being pinned between a truck and a car in a road rage attack in Sydney on Monday afternoon.

The shocking footage shows the man being trapped between the driver's side of his Ford SUV and the truck before the truck driver speeds off.

The man is seen rolling between the two vehicles before clutching his back in pain and falling to the ground.

Police said the two drivers began arguing after the truck driver, a 23-year-old unaccompanied learner driver, allegedly failed to indicate at a roundabout.

The Ford driver told 9News he got out of his car and approached the truck driver, took a photo of the vehicle and threatened to send it to the company they worked for. 

He also admitted to hitting the truck drivers wind-screen wipers before the truck driver made his get-away.

The footage was captured by witness Amanda Lum who told 9News the truck had plenty of space to make the turn. 

"I really couldn't believe what I was seeing," she said.

Another witness, Tony Hurst, told 9News the driver was writhing around in pain.

Emergency services were called at around 5:30pm and treated the driver at the scene before being taken to hospital.

The man suffered a broken rib, torn ligaments to his right leg and groin.

Police arrested the truck driver a day after the incident on several charges of reckless driving, negligent driving, not being accompanied as a learner driver, failing to stop and assist and not indicating at a roundabout.

He was granted bail and will appear in Bankstown Local Court on Wednesday, February, 17.

His licence has been suspended.