All charges permanently dropped against Breonna Taylor's boyfriend

All charges have been dropped against Breonna Taylor's boyfriend, who shot a police officer in the leg during the raid which killed Taylor.

Jefferson Circuit Court Judge Olu Stevens ruled the charges would be dismissed with prejudice, meaning Kenneth Walker cannot be recharged for the shooting on March 13, 2020.

Walker was arrested and charged with assault and attempted murder for shooting Sergeant Jonathon Mattingly in the thigh after police officers burst into his apartment at 1am, shooting and killing his then-girlfriend Taylor. 

He was cleared of attempted murder two months after Breonna's death, but prosecutors were able to bring the charges back if new evidence came up.

However the case is now permanently closed meaning he can't ever be charged again over it.

Walker has always maintained police did not identify themselves when they entered the apartment and so he assumed they were intruders and fired in self-defence.

"After the worst year of [Walker's] life, prosecutors have finally acknowledged that he did nothing wrong and acted in self-defence," Kenneth's lawyer Steve Romines told CBS News.

One police officer, Brett Hankison, was charged in relation to the fatal shooting - but not for Taylor's death.

Hankison was charged with "wanton endangerment" for firing into a neighbouring apartment.

Taylor's name became part of the global Black Lives Matter movement, which saw hundreds of thousands of people protest the systemic racism in the US which allows for black people to be brutalised and killed by police at significantly higher rates than white people.