Australian 20yo writes off dad's brand new, uninsured, $70,000 Mustang

An Australian 20-year-old has written off his father's brand new, $70,000 Mustang. 

He was driving the car in the Sydney suburb of Mt Druitt when he then lost control and slammed into a nearby power pole. 

Despite the vehicle having insurance, it will not be covered due to the young driver still being on his P-plates.

Not only did he have dad to own up to, but he'll also appear in court where he's facing charges of negligent driving and driving a prohibited vehicle. 

The man was taken to the hospital and sustained minor leg and head injuries. The father had only owned the car for a week, ruining all plans to use it as his daughter's wedding car, according to 7 News. 

He told the news station his son was a safe driver. 

"He's very patient, very quiet, very good," he told 7 News. "He doesn't rush."

NSW police told Yahoo News Australia the young man was the only person driving the vehicle.