Avalanche kills 25 Taliban fighters in Afghanistan

An avalanche has killed 25 Taliban fighters in Afghanistan.
An avalanche has killed 25 Taliban fighters in Afghanistan. Photo credit: The Khaama Press

An avalanche in Afghanistan has reportedly killed 25 Taliban fighters.

The group was returning from Pakistan when they were caught, according to the country's largest online news outlet The Khaama Press.

Police spokesperson Mohammad Lal Amiri says the incident took place in the Jaji Aryob district, about 10 minutes away from the border of Pakistan. 

Lal Amiri believes the group were trying to enter Afghanistan by taking the more risky mountain route. 

Two days before the natural disaster, the weather forecast was advising heavy snow was likely for 30 different provinces.

Afghanistan's Ministry of Defence says many Taliban fighters have died in the province recently, as reported by The Khaama Press.

A statement released by the agency says the defence force recently completed a clearance operation of land mines, where 18 rebels died. 

The Taliban are yet to speak out about the avalanche, according to The Khaama Press.