Evacuations after massive explosion at Balongan oil refinery in Indramayu, Indonesia

A colossal explosion has obliterated an oil refinery in Indonesia, causing a massive fire and the evacuations of homes nearby.

The blast occurred at the Balongan oil refinery in the Indramayu region in the early hours of Monday morning (local time).

Footage of the explosion shared on social media shows a large ball of fire and thick plumes of black smoke rising into the sky.

It's not yet clear what caused the blast, nor whether there are any injuries or fatalities.

According to local reports, the explosion was heard dozens of kilometres away from the refinery.

Residents close to the explosion have evacuated, and some housed in government-owned facilities like the Islamic Center and the Pendopo Indramayu, Teras Pendopo reports.

The fire that caused the blast is still raging.

The explosion comes less than 24 hours after a bomb was detonated at a Roman Catholic cathedral in Indonesian's Makassar city on Palm Sunday.

The blast, which President Joko Widodo condemned as an act of terrorism, left 14 people injured.