Sydney man arrested over allegations of running sex slave cult

Police found a chest of bondage equipment on Davis' property.
Police found a chest of bondage equipment on Davis' property. Photo credit: AFP via 7NEWS

The alleged ringleader of an abusive sex slave cult in Sydney has been arrested by police. 

James Robert Davis, 40, was arrested in Armidale, NSW on Thursday.

The arrest was made following inquiries by Australian Federal Police (AFP) human trafficking investigators into allegations of Davis' sexual servitude offences, reports 7NEWS.

According to allegations, victims were made to sign "slavery contracts" before they were subjected to abuse in the cult that has since been broken up by police.

AFP assistant commissioner Justine Gough alleges a woman was manipulated into joining the cult and subjected to "physical, sexual, and psychological abuse and degradation," between the years 2012 and 2015. 

Gough said the woman had a "slave collar" and "slave tattoo," and unwillingly participated in prostitution - which she made no money from. 

If the woman tried to leave Davis would physically assault her and threaten to kill her, Gough says. 

The cult was called the "House of Cadifor" and Davis titled himself as the "patriarch." Police raided Davis' property for 15 hours on the same day as his arrest finding a chest full of bondage equipment, and a collection of cabins where women are believed to have slept, reports 7NEWS. 

Davis has been charged with three slavery and sexual servitude offences based on allegations from the woman who came forward as being part of the cult between 2012 and 2014. 

In Australia, servitude offences carry a maximum penalty of 15 years in jail while slavery offences carry a maximum of 25. 

Gough says she wants the Australian public to "be aware" that human trafficking and slavery practices occur "all too often" in Australia without anyone knowing. 

"Our hope is for every case we investigate, it helps others experiencing similar conditions to speak up and seek our help," Gough says.