US COVID-19 denier cries of 'police brutality' as she's detained for not wearing mask

A COVID-19 denying woman who refused to wear a mask inside a Texas bank cried of 'police brutality' and asked an officer "what are you going to do, arrest me?" as she was handcuffed.

According to The Guardian, an arrest warrant has now been issued for 65-year-old Terry Wright on the grounds of resisting arrest and criminal trespassing charges. 

Masks are not mandatory in public places in Texas, after Governor Greg Abbott declared businesses should decide for themselves which precautionary COVID-19 measures they wish to enforce. 

However many businesses are choosing to stick with mandatory mask-wearing as cases in the US state climbed by more than 62,000 in the past 14 days. 

Among those choosing to enforce mask-wearing was a bank Wright was visiting. Police were called there after she refused to wear a mask on entry, with the whole ordeal caught on an officer's body camera. 

As the officer attempted to explain to Wright she needed to put a mask on or leave the store, Wright snapped back citing the state's axing of mask requirements. This forcing the officer to continue to explain it was a private business which has the right to set their own rules.

Refusing to accept she won't be served at the bank she asks: "What are you going to do, arrest me?" 

"Yes for intruding on-premises," the officer responds.

"That's hilarious," Wright says.

The officer then pulls out his handcuffs, prompting Wright to head for the door. Soon enough Wright was pulled to the ground by the officer screaming "police brutality right here people" - a claim met with responses of "no it's not" from other customers.

Wright complained of a sore foot following the arrest and was treated for the injury in hospital. 

She later told the Washington Post she believes she was attacked, comparing mask enforcement to the way Nazi Germany forced Jewish people to wear a Star of David.

She also said she believes in a "plandemic' - a viral conspiracy that makes a collection of discredited claims about the pandemic.