US employer pays final wages with thousands of greasy pennies

Amidst the pile of coins was an envelope that read 'f**k you!'.
Amidst the pile of coins was an envelope that read 'f**k you!'. Photo credit: Google Maps / Instagram @ox_isms

A US man has received over 90,000 pennies covered in oil and grease after he demanded his former employer pay him the the US$915 (NZ$1312) he owed in wages.

Andreas Flaten resigned from Walker Luxury Autoworks in Peachtree City last November, a work environment he described as "toxic".

On his last day, he delivered his uniforms washed in a box, complete with another letter explaining why he was leaving.

Flaten's boss promised his final paycheck in January, but it never arrived, with his boss accusing him of damages.

"I honestly at this point never expected him to pay," he told CBS46 news.

Five months after turning to the Georgia Department of Labor for help, Flaten found a large pile of coins at the end of his driveway.

The coins, covered in oil and grease, were splattered all over his driveway. Amidst the pile of coins was an envelope that read 'f**k you!'.

"That comes out to be like 504 pounds (228kg) of pennies," Flaten told CBS46. "I have nowhere to put them. I had no idea what I was going to do, like how do I get money from pennies?"

Flaten's girlfriend Olivia Oxley took to Instagram to express her anger.

"I'm not sure what's worse - the fact that this man is so miserable he can't accept an employee leaving because he's the biggest asshole I've seriously ever met, or the fact that he went through THAT much effort to get $915 worth of HEAVY pennies just to say 'f**k you'," she wrote.

"I mean... couldn't he have just pissed on the check or something?"

Flaten's nightly routine now consists of cleaning the pennies so he can exchange it for some form of money. He says it takes about an hour-and-a-half to clean several-hundred coins.

"I think that's going to be a lot of work for money I've already worked for," he told The Guardian. "It's definitely not fair at all."

The owner of Walker Luxury Autoworks, Miles Walker, says he doesn't remember dropping the pennies off at Flaten's house.

"I don't really remember," Walker told Atlanta's WGCL-TV. "It doesn't matter; he got paid, that's all that matters."