Woman clams Australian MP Andrew Laming took photos of her bottom in public

Liberal MP Andrew Laming allegedly took the photos at a Brisbane landscaping supplies business.
Liberal MP Andrew Laming allegedly took the photos at a Brisbane landscaping supplies business. Photo credit: File Image

A Queensland woman alleges Australian MP Andrew Laming took photos of her exposed bottom while she bent over to fill a fridge with drinks. 

The Liberal MP was at Crystal White's workplace, a landscaping supplies business in Brisbane, in 2019 when she bent over to fill the fridge, accidentally exposing her underwear while doing so. 

White told 9News, Laming then whipped his mobile phone out and started taking photos. She claims the photos were "really inappropriate." 

So inappropriate her manager at the time forced Laming to delete the images before he could leave.

Another colleague, Sean Blinco, was a witness to the situation and is supporting White's claims. 

"My manager at the time saw him do it and forced Andrew Laming to delete the photo," he told 9News. 

White is the third woman to speak out against Laming within a week. Two days ago 9News exposed his online bullying and abuse of two women. One of the women -  Alix Russo said the abuse left her with suicidal thoughts. 

Laming apologised on Thursday for the bullying, which spanned over several years after Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison scolded him for his "disgraceful" behaviour.

However, he then went on to joke about the apology on Facebook. 

"In this climate - I willingly apologise - I didn't even know what for at 4pm when I did it," Laming wrote, adding three tongue-sticking-out emojis and a heart-eyes emoji.

The post forced Morrison to order Laming to complete an empathy course.

Laming has announced he will not run again in Australia's next election and promised to "own" his mistakes by pursuing help to work on his behaviour. 

"Starting tomorrow, I will get assistance with courses in empathy and appropriate communication, not just to be a better MP, but to be a deeper and more empathetic person than what the recent events have demonstrated," he said in a statement. 

"I intend to own those mistakes. I will also be obtaining clinical counselling, for a duration decided by others, but I will aim to complete it by the next parliamentary sitting."

After hearing of the online bullying, Blinco messaged Laming on Facebook asking if he remembered taking the photo of White. 

In the messages obtained by 9News, Laming responded saying: "I do but it wasn't meant to be rude, I thought it was quite funny but your reaction was awkward."

Laming hasn't publicly admitted to taking the photo.

White was shocked to see his response, telling 9News: "My reaction is, how is that funny?" 

The incident is a further headache for Morrison who is under fire for his handling of rape allegations within Parliament.

The ruling Liberal/National coalition has come under sustained pressure in recent weeks following allegations of rape by a Liberal party staff member, including one in the office of a Cabinet minister.

Morrison has tried to defend his government's efforts to improve gender equality issues but last week acknowledged more needed to be done. 

I acknowledge that many Australians, especially women, believe that I have not heard them, and that greatly distresses me," Morrison told reporters in Canberra.

"We must do better... we must get this house in order."