4-year-old US boy crowned winner of mass fight in which everyone is named Josh

4-year-old US boy crowned winner of mass fight in which everyone is named Josh
Photo credit: Joshua Swain/Twitter

A 4-year-old boy has been crowned 'the one true Josh' after hundreds of people named Josh gathered in the US state of Nebraska for a 'Josh Fight', ABC8 reported. 

A Burger King crown, a champion's belt and small trophy were handed to Josh Vinson Jr after he won the Star Wars-style pool noodle fight. 

People held the champion in the air when everyone shouted 'Little Josh' as the youngster was blinded by his new crown. 

Josh Vinson Jr told ABC8: "I fight everyone and now I win," with a huge grin on his face. 

The fight was started as a joke by an Arizona man named Josh Swain last year, who challenged people with the same name and surname to a fight to keep it, according to 10/11 NOW. 

His concept quickly snowballed and turned into a real event after a screenshot of his conversation with another Josh Swains spread on social media. 

After a rock, paper, scissors battle with the other Josh Swain, the battle of all Joshs began. 

The pool noodle fight was located at a rural farm in Lincoln, Nebraska, where hundreds of Joshes from all over the US battled it out to keep their name. 

Swain told KLKNTV he never expected the post to go viral and didn't think people would be so adamant about the battle. 

The proceeds from the battle were all donated to the Lincoln Food Bank and more than US$8000 to the Omaha Children's Hospital and Medical Centre Foundation, according to the Journal Star. 

The successful competition already encouraged other people to propose fights with individuals who share their names, according to The Mirror, including Facebook user Matthew Fox, who might be planning a 'Battle of the Matts' in 2022.