Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison tells Christian conference he's been 'called to do God's work'

Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison tells Christian conference he's been 'called to do God's work'
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Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison has told a Christian gathering he believes he and his wife have been called upon to do God's work.

Australia's first Pentecostal Prime Minister spoke at the Australian Christian Churches conference on the Gold Coast last week, revealing he asked God for a sign during a difficult streak of the election campaign in 2019 while at an art gallery.

"I must admit I was saying to myself, 'You know, Lord, where are you, where are you? I'd like a reminder if that's ok,'" Morrison said in the video. 

"And there right in front of me was the biggest picture of a soaring eagle." 

"The message I got that day was, 'Scott, you've got to run to not grow weary, you've got to walk to not grow faint, you've got to spread your wings like an eagle to soar like an eagle.'"

Morrison claimed he practised the "laying on of hands" when he visited people affected by a powerful cyclone that damaged expansive parts of Western Australia. 

"I've been in evacuation centres where people thought I was just giving someone a hug and I was praying, and putting my hands on people," he said in the video. 

"God has, I believe, been using us in these moments to be able to provide some relief and comfort and just some reassurance."

Speaking to attendees at the conference, Morrison said it is important that people look out for each other and that he believes every Australian is important and created in the image of God. 

"What you do and what you bring to the life and faith of our country is what it needs," Morrison said in the video. 

He also told conference attendees the misuse of social media was "the work of the evil one", and it needs to be called out. 

"It is going to take our young people… it's going to take their hope, it's going to steal their hope," Morrison said in his address. 

The video of the address has not been promoted on his social media or official pages and an office released copy has also not been public, which most often happens when he is speaking in his official capacity as Prime Minister, The Guardian reported. 

The video gained attention after being shared by the Rationalist Society on Facebook.