Baby born with three penises in world-first

baby hand
It's an abnormality that has never been seen before. Photo credit: Getty

Doctors in Iraq have reported the birth of the first-ever human known to have three penises.

It's an abnormality that has never been seen before, according to a recent report in the International Journal of Surgery Case Reports.

The baby was born in Duhok, Iraq. Only one of the penises worked properly - the other two didn't have urethras, so were surgically removed when he was three months old. One was attached to the main shaft, the other beneath his scrotum.

Just what caused it remains a mystery - the parents didn't use drugs and there was no history of genetic abnormalities in the family.

A year later, the boy was doing fine, his doctors said.

"Both supernumerary penises were excised and both corpora were sutured with a fine slowly absorbable suture material," the report explained.

"The patient was discharged with no postoperative events and follow-up was done for one year with no reported adverse events."

While this is the first case of what the report calls 'triphallia (triple penis)', there have been around 100 cases of diphallia reported in history. 

One of them in 2014 took to social media site Reddit, telling members to ask him anything (warning: explicit content).