Bodycam footage reveals chaotic scene as US police shoot teenage girl

Bodycam footage from another fatal shooting of a black person in the US by a police officer shows the teenage girl holding a knife - but her family say she's the one who called emergency services.

Ma'Khia Bryant, 16, was killed by Ohio police on Tuesday - half an hour before the police officer who murdered George Floyd was found guilty.

Body cam footage from the officer who killed Bryant- identified as Nicholas Reardon - was released on Thursday, showing the chaotic scene.

In the footage, one girl appears to fall at the feet of the officer, while another stumbles backwards. Bryant, holding a knife, lunges at the second girl and the officer immediately fires four shots at her.

The teenager stumbles and falls against a parked car, as bystanders scream in horror.

"You didn't have to shoot her!" one man can be heard yelling.

"She's just a f***king kid."

While the circumstances that led to the chaotic scene are unclear, family members of Bryant told WBNS-TV she was the one who called the police for help, saying people were fighting outside her house. 

Interim police chief Michael Woods said Wednesday dispatchers first received a call for help at 4:32 pm. On the call, a woman told officers that people were trying to fight and stab her and others. A second 911 caller also asked police to respond to the scene, but the call ended quickly after the person realised police had just arrived. 

Bryant's death has caused outrage in Ohio with protesters marching to decry the killing.

City public safety director Ned Pettus denounced the death, saying Bryant could have been his grandchild.

"Any way you look at this, it’s a tragedy. I understand the outrage and emotion around this incident.”

He said the video footage showed "there is more to this".