Botched drug deal: Sydney woman openly tells group she's buying cocaine - they turn out to be mufti cops

A New South Wales man has been arrested after a woman accidentally outed him to police as her drug dealer.

Police officers wearing mufti clothing were speaking with a man who'd just been seen driving down the wrong side of the road in Bondi, Sydney.

In a statement seen by local media, police said while the officers were speaking with the man, who appeared nervous, a woman walked up to them. 

She then asked if she could speak with the driver, police said.

"We're buying cocaine," she said, not realising she was speaking to police officers.

Her remarks resulted in the driver of the car being busted, 7 News reported. He was arrested and the officers seized NZ$3300 along with several bags of cocaine found in his car.

The man faces several charges and will appear in court next month.