Child mauled by dingo, hospitalised in Australia after wandering away from house

Queensland Environment rangers are investigating.
Queensland Environment rangers are investigating. Photo credit: Getty.

A two-year-old child has been hospitalised in Australia after being mauled by a dingo.

According to the Queensland Ambulance, the young boy was bitten by a dingo at about 7:30am (local time) on Saturday on Fraser Island.

It's reported that the child wandered off from an Orchid Beach house he was staying in with family early in the morning. Neighbours later found the boy after hearing a commotion. 

Paramedics and a rescue helicopter responded and airlifted the child to Bundaberg Hospital in a stable condition. They are said to have "superficial injuries to the thigh, buttocks, head and shoulder".

Queensland Environment rangers are investigating.

"We're interviewing witnesses now. We don't know yet if the dingo has presented with problem behaviour in the past," it said. 

"We'll make decisions regarding the management of the dingo once we've been able to ID it & in collaboration with our important stakeholders - particularly the Traditional Owners, the Butchulla People."

It's the second time in less than three months that a dingo has attacked a child at Orchid Beach. A boy was left with minor injuries in February after being bitten on his knee and hand. 

Dingoes roam all over Fraser Island. Visitors are advised to never feed the animals as they can quickly become aggressive - and you shouldn't take food out for picnics. 

"Young children or babies sitting on a picnic rug, or playing on the shore of a lake or the beach, can get caught up in a dingo's attempts to steal food, and could be nipped or bitten," the state website says.