Chinese media blurs western clothing logos pushing back against Xinjiang cotton allegations

A screenshot from Chuang 2021, a Chinese reality TV show.
A screenshot from Chuang 2021, a Chinese reality TV show. Photo credit: Tencent

Chinese media outlets have blurred western clothing logos in an attempt to push back against alleged human rights abuses in the nation's Xinjiang province.

Brands including H&M, Burberry, Adidas, and Nike are among those hit by consumer boycotts in China after their comments on alleged human rights abuses in Xinjiang resurfaced on Chinese social media last month.

Xinjiang, which produces about 20 percent of the world's cotton, allegedly hosts concentration camps said to house millions of Uighur Muslims. China claims the concentration camps are sites of vocational education.

With news and social media in China being tightly controlled by the Communist Party-controlled Government, patriotic campaigns targeting foreign brands are common. On Wednesday (NZ time), the BBC published a report with screenshots from Chinese media showing TV show characters with blurred t-shirts and shoes.

The broadcasting of some Chinese TV shows was even delayed so the blurring could take place, the BBC report said.

Some researchers and lawmakers say Xinjiang authorities use coercive labour programmes to meet seasonal cotton-picking needs. China strongly denies the claims and says all labour in Xinjiang is consensual and contract-based.

Reuters / Newshub.