Coronavirus: Latest on COVID-19 from around the world - Sunday, April 18

"The situation is very worry, " Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal said.
"The situation is very worry, " Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal said. Photo credit: Getty

The world's COVID-19 death toll surpassed three million on Saturday, according to data from Johns Hopkins University.

India - experiencing their second wave - has reported at least 24,000 new COVID-19 cases on Saturday alone.

Here's the latest from around the world overnight.

United Kingdom

More than 600,000 coronavirus vaccine doses were administered in the UK in 24 hours, according to data released on Saturday.

In the last seven days, daily death tolls were down 29 percent from the previous week, and cases were down 6.5 percent.

United States

The US has administered 200 million doses of COVID-19 vaccines around the country.

Nearly 128 million Americans have received one or more doses, while 80 million - 31 percent of the adult population - are fully inoculated.

More than 35 million people over the age of 65 have received both doses - that's 65 percent of the senior population.


Mexico has recorded another 4157 cases and 535 deaths on Saturday, according to their health ministry's data.

A report commissioned by the World Health Organisation's Independent Panel slammed their government for their failures in confronting the health crisis.

Mexico's unwillingness to spend money, do more testing, failures by officials to recommend face masks and bring in travel restrictions and social distancing measures were among the mistakes cited by the report.

"It is no coincidence that countries with the worst performance in responding to the COVID-19 pandemic have populist leaders," the report said.


The city of Toronto is subject to a stay-at-home order, according to new restrictions effective Saturday.

Shops must be limited to 25 percent capacity and indoor religious services are limited to 10 people.

In a Twitter post, Toronto police say they are keeping a watchful eye on residents for the health and safety of everyone.


Israel will lift its mandatory requirement to wear masks outdoors on Sunday (local time), but wearing masks indoors will be compulsory.

There are currently 2,680 active COVID-19 cases in Israel. Of those, 201 are in serious condition, 109 are on ventilators.


China's economy grew 18.3 percent in a post-COVID-19 comeback.

The country's economy grew 18.3 percent in the first quarter of 2021 compared to the same period last year.

"The national economy made a good start," China's National Bureau of Statistics said.

It added: "We must be aware that the COVID-19 epidemic is still spreading globally and the international landscape is complicated with high uncertainties and instabilities."


India has reported at least 24,000 new COVID-19 cases in 24 hours on Saturday, taking the total number of cases to nearly 14.5 million.

"The situation is very critical, worrying. Oxygen is in short supply," Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal said.

"Cases have gone up really fast. That is why we are facing shortages even though everything seems under control until a few days ago. But the speed at which this corona is going, no one knows where this peak will be."

The government hopes they will be able to add 6000 more beds in hospitals in the next two to four days.


Australia's Health Minister Greg Hunt says they will continue to review its coronavirus vaccinations after reporting its first fatality from the AstraZeneca shot.

A 48-year-old woman died from blood clots after receiving the AstraZeneca COVID-19 shot.

"The government will ask ATAGI to ensure continuous review of all the vaccines in terms of their safety and their efficacy," Hunt said in a media briefing.

He says there will be no immediate change to limit the use of the vaccine but Pfizer remains the preferred option for people under the age of 50.