COVID-19 vaccine: Elderly Australian woman who died after jab had underlying lung issues - report

The 82yo woman died at a Queensland aged care home.
The 82yo woman died at a Queensland aged care home. Photo credit: Getty

Australian health officials say there's no cause for concern after an elderly woman died soon after receiving a COVID-19 vaccine.

Police confirmed to local media the 82-year-old woman died at an aged care home in the Queensland city of Logan on Wednesday.

The Courier-Mail reports the woman may have had underlying lung issues. A Queensland police spokesman told 7 News the death would be referred to the coroner. 

In a statement, the Australian Department of Health said early indications suggested there was no "causal link" between the vaccine and the woman's death.

"Sadly more than 1000 people pass in aged care every week," the department told 7 News. "It is inevitable… that this will include people who have been recently vaccinated."

The department said a full investigation would take place.

Reports suggest the woman was given the Pfizer vaccine as opposed to the under-fire AstraZeneca shot, which has been linked to rare blood clotting. 

New Zealand has ordered 10 million doses of the Pfizer vaccine. New Zealand medical regulatory body Medsafe says there have been 147 adverse reactions to the jab since NZ's rollout began in February.

"All of these involved an allergic reaction of some kind, one of which was classified as an anaphylactic reaction to the vaccine in someone who had a history of allergies," Director-General of Health Ashley Bloomfield explained on Wednesday. "All were managed appropriately on the spot - None of the people required hospitalisation or have had any ongoing problems."