Czech citizen turns pink tank over to authorities in nationwide weapon amnesty

Pink tank in Czech Republic.
Pink tank in Czech Republic. Photo credit: CR Police Twitter

Police in Hradec Králové, Czech Republic were left in disbelief after a man handed over a pink Soviet T-34 tank and a self-propelled gun. 

The country's weapon amnesty started early this year and will end in July with the aim of legalising the arms people carry, without the compulsory papers. 

Police posted a gun amnesty video on social media which included a tank but believed it wouldn't be taken so literally, state-controlled television station RT reported

The weaponry was made in the Czech Republic in line with soviet designs and the collector had possessed the tank and gun since the 1990s, according to Prague Morning. 

The man owned the weapons but wasn't sure if they'd been adequately deactivated, according to Prague Morning. 

Officers say the guns were harmless but found some inconsistencies in their deactivation with the latest regulations, according to RT. 

The man was provided time to solve the inconsistencies so he could continue to own his military vehicles at his property. 

The reasoning behind the tank's pink colour is still unknown and Czech regulations only allow for amnesty documents to be obtained for weapons that were not used for criminal activity. 

The Soviet T-34 medium tank were some of the most famous weapons of World War II and played a critical role in the Red Army's victory against Nazi Germany. 

Recently, the Czech Republic and Russia's relations were at breaking point after Czech officials believed Russian intelligence had links to the blasting of an ammunition depot east of Prague, according to Reuters. 

The outlet reported, Russia would retaliate hard against the country over kicking out embassy staff. 

The exclusions and allegations triggered the largest dispute between the two countries since the end of Communist rule in 1989.