Irish political leader apologises for assassination of Prince Philip's uncle Lord Louis Mountbatten

An Irish political leader has publically apologised for the 1979 assassination of Prince Philip's uncle Lord Mountbatten.

Lord Louis Mountbatten was a celebrated commander during World War II and was seen as a father figure to Prince Philip and mentor to Prince Charles.

Lord Mountbatten was on holiday in Ireland when the Irish Republican Army (IRA) placed a radio-controlled bomb under his boat and detonated it after he took it out to sea, also killing his 14-year-old grandson, a 15-year-old boat boy and 83-year-old Lady Doreen Brabourne.

It was one of the highest-profile attacks during the Northern Ireland Troubles, The New York Times reported.

On Sunday (local time), Mary Lou McDonald, the leader of Sinn Fein, which was once the political wing of the underground IRA, apologised.

"Of course, I am sorry that happened; of course, that is heartbreaking," she told a London radio station.

McDonald said Sinn Fein is now only engaged in peaceful politics, The New York Times reported.

"It is all our jobs to ensure no other child, no other family, no matter who they are, suffers the same trauma and heartbreak that was all too common on all sides of this island and beyond. I am happy to reiterate that on the weekend that your Queen buried her beloved husband."

The apology comes just a day after Prince Philip was laid to rest at St George's Chapel at Windsor Castle, just over a week since his tragic death.

The funeral celebrated his seven decades of service, but in a quiet way due to the COVID-19 pandemic and restrictions.