Manhunt underway after multiple people critically injured in Bryan, Texas shooting

Bryan Police Department officials say a manhunt is underway.
Bryan Police Department officials say a manhunt is underway. Photo credit: File

At least six people were injured in a shooting at an industrial park in central Texas on Thursday, local police told CNN, the latest in several episodes of mass gun violence in the United States over the past three weeks.

Lieutenant Jason James, a spokesman for the police department in Bryan, Texas, said in a telephone interview broadcast by CNN that the shooting unfolded at a business where "there were a lot of employees inside." 

He said the suspect was at large, and that at least six people were injured. James had no information on their conditions and could not say whether anyone was dead.

Asked if anything were known about the suspect, James said: "No sir. Not yet. Not that we're giving out. We're trying to find a connection to him and this business, and then we'll be able to figure out exactly who we're looking for."

The violence follows a string of more than a half-dozen deadly mass shootings across the United States since mid-March, including rampages that killed eight people at several Atlanta-area spas, 10 people at a supermarket in Boulder, Colorado, and four people, including a 9-year-old boy in Orange, California.

On Wednesday, a former professional football player shot and killed a prominent South Carolina doctor, his wife, two grandchildren and another man before taking his own life at his home a short distance away, authorities said on Thursday.

The latest shooting in Texas on Thursday came hours after President Joe Biden and his Attorney General Merrick Garland announced limited measures to tackle a surge in U.S. gun violence in recent years.