Maskless 'Christian woman of God' arrested for Texas assault

A Texas woman has been arrested for refusing to wear a mask and shoving a shop employee.

A video of Kara Bell's arrest shows her repeatedly refusing to identify herself to two police officers while proclaiming the confrontation "racist".

According to a police report and an employee of Nordstrom Rack, Bell entered the store refusing to wear a mask to protect against COVID-19. She reportedly pushed and "shoved" a worker who confronted her, before locking herself in a dressing room and calling Nordstrom corporate office.

She was escorted out by police - and bodycam footage from the officers shows her berating the two officers, calling them "racist" for questioning her, rather than another woman who was not wearing a mask.

"Isn't that interesting how she only picked me, the white person? Not the black person also not wearing a mask. Doesn't it seem racist, when she comes after the white woman, not the black woman? Isn't that interesting?" she can be heard asking the female officer.

Bell goes on to identify herself as a "Christian woman of God" who "did not sign up for this".

"You are not going to put your disgusting rules on me which are false and not true. I will not have it. I am sick of being bullied and lied to, do you understand?"

Whether or not the police understand is unclear, as Bell is detained for refusing to identify herself to the officers.

According to a police report she was handcuffed and detained on the ground as she shouted at passersby.

She has since been given an assault citation, a class C misdemeanor which is punishable by a fine of up to US$500.